The first thing you’ll notice about me, at least during the school year, is I’ve got a nine-year-old with me. If you’d told me several years ago I’d be homeschooling a fourth-grader…well, I’d have laughed and used some creative adjectives. But as annoying as a nine-year-old can be, the homeschool thing is working out pretty well…most days.

As for me?

I have and wear many hats. Many.

I have one child, the Princess of Hats (pH).

I have one husband, the King of Hats (kH).

I have had plenty of education, but oddly, I still like learning. (BA, JD.)

I read and write, but not at the same time.

I have a weakness for Fluevogs and anything made out of alpaca.

You can find me on Facebook or Twitter, or hiding in my office watching Welsh soap operas.