I am homeschooling pH for various reasons. Even though this is friendly Portland, everyone asks why. Why? Because I thought the best use of my time was explaining the Persian Wars with an eight-year-old rather than using the skill sets I spent decades developing.

Wait, I guess my tone gave it away. No, that wasn’t the reason. But it was something like that.

And because everyone asks this next, no, I’m not a conservative Christian. I’m an atheist, although I have opinions about the Gloria Patria. And the trinity. And millennialism. I also have opinions about Celtic mythology, whether Poseidon should be classified as an Olympian or not, and justice (another of my favorite myths).

I suppose I could be considered an unschooler, as long as unschoolers also require memorization of math facts, dates, poetry, and interesting quotations. And book reports! And science projects!