I might be the only person I know who’s been happy about this summer, all the shitty things included. (Although not when I’m outside…it’s supposed to get to 105F  or so today.) But for someone who is happiest when the temps are in the mid sixties, can’t sweat very well, and tends toward heat exhaustion…I like summer.

1.  School’s out. This means no one asks me why pH isn’t in school, which happens during September-June (excepting other school holidays). Homeschooling exposes you to the same annoying interest that being pregnant does–and just like when you’re pregnant (or  have a small child, particularly a small child having a tantrum on the floor of a store), there’s always someone who thinks they know more about it than you (and wants to lecture you about it).

2. Camps. This summer we could only swing one (I’m fortunate that I paid for it in February, when we could afford it) vs. last summer’s three, but any day where pH goes out on a mountain, then comes home dirty and exhausted is a very good day. Also, I get stuff done. And read!

3. Turning the taxi light off. During the school year I’m in the car constantly, taking pH to activities or going out to the zoo or the woods (or wherever). During the summer, unless there are lessons (like last month’s four weeks of swim lessons, which was kind of a chore), I get to stay off the road. Which, given how scary logging trucks can be, is a good thing.  (The irony of the “socialization” problem: to make sure pH is spending time with age peers, I end up taking her to many more activities than I’d be able to if she were in public school. Nothing’s close enough to walk to.)

4. Free things. The libraries have a lot of free activities during the summer, and since we’re at the library at least twice a week (pH has 10 books on hold at any given moment) anyway, pH gets to see people like the Bug Chicks. (MY KID TOUCHED BUGS AND DIDN’T FREAK OUT!)

5. Teaching is easier. No, we don’t take the summer off, but I’m a lot more relaxed and generally only have pH do work three days a week. Happier kid=happier parent. (Which is not to say it’s all smooth sailing; last week involved a multiple-day snit because pH didn’t want to finish some perimeter thing I’d assigned to her. However, not doing work means no screen time, which means I get more quiet around the house. It’s a consolation prize.)

What about you? Do you dread summer, or is it a welcome break in the routine?