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I have had a WEEK.

Tuesday we were almost killed by a logging truck and I saw a dead body after an accident (different event). I have the mother of all migraines: today is Day 3.

The good part: we learned kH has a new job. We won’t be looking at a paycheck for three more weeks, but it makes a huge difference to know purgatory is coming to an end.  I could go on: blah it makes a really tedious blah account of being resourceful and poor blah. So, no. (If I were a better writer, I’d find some nice way to dress it up as a humbling but worthy experience and maybe I’d learn a lesson. I’m not, though, and what would it be? Don’t let your husband get laid off?*)

Today the ferret pushed a Diet Dr. Pepper onto my open laptop and (upholstered) chair this morning…and then pooped in the corner. So while the laptop was nestled inside a bag of rice, I had plenty of time to screw around with work on my journal instead of working or writing (or both). And for once, it turned out (I think), so I thought I’d share it.

Here it comes.

The internet needs more pictures of bullet journals. There aren’t nearly enough yet!

If I were following the traditional school of bullet journal blogging, the picture that follows would show a soft, white curtain fluttering in the breeze while my journal proudly stands on my desk next to that mason jar of flowers.

Since I’m hunkered down in a dark, air conditioned room, you get a badly lit picture of my journal on my duvet.

Someday I’ll be that organized. Maybe.

Anyway–like a lot of other people, I track habits in my journal. Some are obligatory (vitamins and German/Welsh every day) and some are aspirational, like up & dressed by 0700 and in bed by 2200. Some are prompts; “cwtch” is on there, to remind me to take time to express to kH and pH how important they are to me. (Pronounced like Couch Street for you Portlanders, and like, um, something else for the rest of you.) “Cook” is there so I’ll hopefully think about dinner before 1600. Hopefully.

Every month I pick a new habit or two and when it works out, it’s great (practice piano, bed by 10), and when it doesn’t, well, it’s easy to drop the following month.** This month I’m adding the left handed writing practice…and not swearing.*** We’ll see how that goes. I leave blanks, because invariably I think of some other thing to add later in the month.

I love washi. I’m going to use more of it to cover up the awful header later. 

Okay, honestly? It is fun to play with the layouts. This is not really a thing I saw myself caring about, but the washi that was meant for pH is finding its way into my journal. (I’m teaching her to manage time this summer. It’s going about as well as you’d think.) This is the first time I didn’t do this in landscape (perfectionism makes it hard to not have everything on one page), but I was tired of flipping the journal around all the time.

It’s pretty depressing to look at the migraine/back rows (I mark it if the pain reaches 4/10 or higher), but it’s helpful when I want to beat myself up over not doing enough.

*One of my brothers, when we were talking about things we wish we’d done differently (I was going to finish my sentence by saying I wish we’d moved out of Portland a few years ago because of school/costs) interrupted me to say, “What, you would have saved more money, for this kH thing?”

Heh. Yeah, thanks, brother who has no mortgage/rent, two incomes, and no savings. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. (And for those of you who know my family and are keeping score at home, no, he didn’t even bother to ask if we needed anything. Of course not.)

**Ironically (see previous note), I took “zero spending days” out of my habit chart because compulsive honesty makes me record everything, including household expenditures, and it was frustrating to keep “failing” (even if I was just buying TP, which is the most guilt-free purchase I can think of).

***I’m using a workbook that is intended to teach veteran amputees to write with their non-dominant hand; it’s a great book, but I have massive imposter syndrome.