Okay, it wasn’t QUITE that dramatic. The child asked for a Welsh-dragon themed birthday, including another scavenger hunt and a dragon-themed cake. As I was in major stress avoidance mode, I decided this was the opportunity to learn how to make cakes. And mold fondant. And make assorted dragon chocolate candies. And…yeah. We have so much cake that I’m going to have to freeze two of the tiers and leave them for when I actually want to taste cake again.

There is something kind of fun about making up clues and riddles to find gifts. From a parenting point of view, pH seems to be pretty happy about solving the riddles and the gifts are secondary. (This year: fishing stuff and dragon stuff.)  It all started like this:

Each clue led to a present until she was done (it ended with a red plush dragon. Of course.) I was able to hide things in plain sight, so that if she’d woken up early and sneaked downstairs (although she wouldn’t have done, at least not right now), she wouldn’t find much. Also, the Easter routine involved me having to do things in stages, so that while kH was shepherding pH around and providing hints, I was getting the next thing ready. This time I was able to get it all done ahead of time and then go to sleep for about 20 minutes before she wanted to unwrap presents. (An exaggeration, but not much of one. I’m really tired.)


(I don’t know why I forgot to take pictures of the other hiding places, except I had major cake fatigue–see below.)

The cake I am proud of and embarrassed of. I’m proud in that I made a thing by hand, it was fun, and I learned new things. Also, pH loved it. I’m embarrassed because as a long-time Cake Wrecks fan, well, I know where my skill level puts me.

Still, six layers in three tiers, about 4 pounds of frosting and untold fondant, and one little fondant dragon (that took days, because I kept scrapping it and redoing it–it STILL looks like a demented flying gecko to me, but pH likes him), I will be okay if I don’t touch fondant again for months. (My previous record was a three-layer, one tier cake.) Ultimately I decided not to put all three tiers up, because my god it was top-heavy.


And just in case there was any doubt as to how tired I was, this is where I found the soy milk when it wasn’t in the fridge when I looked.

Soymilk beside a water bottle the hospital gave me after giving birth to pH. Or before. Or something. There was magnesium sulfate involved and it made me very stupid.

Our family is now done with birthdays for 9 months. WHEW.