Recently I read about a study that found people who spent more time in nature have reduced anxiety and depression symptoms. Since I’m all about that, being the designated worrier, I decided we should work our way through the waterfalls of the Gorge.

We started with an easy hike at Wahclella Falls. (Doh! I forgot my NW Forest Pass and had to pay a day use fee–so annoying, that.) There was grumbling from pH and so many frequent rest stops in the beginning that I bribed her to STFU and just hike with a promise that if she stopped complaining (and that included “how much further is there?”) and only took a break once we got to the waterfall…I would give her one of her birthday presents early.

That was probably not the greatest parenting, but since I knew she could hike very well for longer distances and in greater heat when she was hiking with other people, now I have proof she can do it for me. And she has a 1000 piece puzzle a couple of days early. What’s the harm?

kH kept his grumbling to a rhetorical “Why is it uphill both ways?”

In any case: it was so very lovely today (and for Oregon, surprisingly, not very crowded) that for the duration I forgot I was panicked about money, jobs, and whether we will be living under a bridge in a month.*




*There’s a good case for living near a waterfall now, at any rate. I went ahead and listed three pairs of Fluevogs on the Fluemarket. I’ll be listing more (just the thought of paring down makes me happy–money is gravy, which will hopefully add up to enough to pay for health insurance). Also, if you’re in the market for a 2d Blacks (not a reprint and in great condition) or 3d (same), let me know.