While Windageddon 2017 continues to rage, our power was only out for about an hour this morning. I’d been awake for hours, but I wasn’t really awake. I’ve been operating on little sleep, because pH has been so. very. sick.  (That was why I was midnight-Googling “is it normal to for pus to come out of child’s eyes when sick?” and apparently the answer is yes, that is a thing. It is also a thing that no sleeping child wants a warm washcloth on her eyes and will fight like a bear if you try it, then yell that she can’t see anything.) I keep reminding myself how lucky I am that she rarely gets this sick. It’s not helping.

Anyway. I’m tired. The power was out. My brain said, “Look at those trees bent sideways! This is a GREAT time to talk about emergency preparedness!” I explained the concept of a bag you grab on your way out the door in emergencies. I handed pH a canvas bag the size of a grocery bag (please note: this was just a drill and she does have packs). I was curious to see what pH would come up with, because she was whirling around her room.

Verdict: plush snow leopard, clouded leopard, amur leopard, arctic fox, and honey badger, along with a first aid kit, her Mora knife, and two mis-matched outfits. (But since she doesn’t care about mixing patterns, they weren’t mismatched to her.) We then talked about other stuff she might need, you know, like underwear or socks.

But she started to worry about the ferret. He has a little travel crate, but pH thought it would be a great idea for us to get a bag for him. And we did.

The ferret’s go bag. We have his crate, his favorite type of receiving blanket, his harness and leash, litter, and a stainless container with a plastic baggie with food. 

You guys, I was SO impressed with myself to think of putting the food in a bag in another container that was watertight! I wouldn’t have to bring a separate water dish. You would have thought I’d invented the wheel.

Here it is packed up:

Voila. (Meanwhile, I’ve decided that my emergency neutral will be navy.)