If I were to write about the last couple of months, it would be an endless complaint about viruses, dragging myself to take my kid places because it’s not her fault I’m sick, and coming home to recover before having to do another outing. Boring. It’s super boring to me and I’ve lived it. My journal entries have gone from “OMG I’m middle-aged” to “OMG I will never have the use of both nostrils at the same time again.” I’ve been so dizzy that I’ve tripped down steps at the zoo (see earlier post) and have developed a fear of walking down stairs, big and small, which is pretty inconvenient given we have one bathroom and it’s upstairs.

Instead, I’ll just tell you that instead of some really bad thing happening on my birthday (historic, with only a few exceptions) only a small bad thing happened other than daylight savings time, which is always an issue (kH was sick). pH and I went out for a Fluevog/Powells/Little Big Burger afternoon. I returned something for kH and used that store credit+birthday money to get those awesome dinosaur heels. Can’t wait to wear them to the opera, provided I’m not still sick, in which case I’ll take a nap and go anyway, wear them, and probably break my neck at the Keller. With any luck “middle-aged woman without use of both nostrils trips at Keller wearing awesome dinosaur shoes, breaks her neck, and misses second act” is the Oregonian headline. (If I die wearing great shoes, I want that in my obit.)

So, then.

Months ago, Pop Chart Lab came out with a neat space exploration poster and I pre-ordered one for kH’s birthday. I did something crazy and ordered with a frame (I had a coupon code!) because it takes me years to get anything framed. (Witness: three unframed David Lance Goines posters in a tube in my office.)

And it came really early! Huzzah! The box was huge and heavy and it came via FedEx. I opened it excitedly.

But. There was a ton of dust under the not-glass. Like this:

I was sad, but stuff happens. I thought maybe there was a way to get into the frame (not that I can tell) and so I emailed support. It bounced. Then I tweeted and the social media person was super helpful (after I sent pictures) and said a replacement was on its way.

It arrived two days ago, first thing in the morning. It had a little bit of dust, but I was kind of tired of dealing with the situation, the social media person had been great, and I wasn’t going to make a fuss. Then, the same day in the afternoon, another FedEx box arrived in the same shape as the first two. Could they have accidentally sent me two replacements? Yes. Yes, they had. Now I had three posters and they were taking up a lot of room downstairs, leaning against a door. Well, that was nice; maybe this one would be perfect? No, the third one had almost as much dust as the first. That was okay. The second would do, but I thought I should let PopChartLab know that I either had crappy luck (I do) or there was a QA issue. I did, they were great, and now I have a fourth poster on its way and gave me a partial refund (which is really nice given the surplus of posters). They also have figured out what was making the dust (it happens during shipping) and have taken remedial measures, which are not admissible if I remember Evidence properly.

I promised one poster to my brother and one to my husband (if he can find a way around “only Teamsters are allowed to hang pictures at work” and “Teamsters are usually too busy to hang pictures”) but that leaves the last one. I’m tempted to do a contest for my lovely framed slightly-dusty poster. Is that weird? It kind of is, but heck, if you’ve got impaired vision and it’s up high, you’ll never know. I just need to think of a contest.