We don’t get a lot of snow in Portland, which is the oft-repeated excuse for why we are perennially unprepared for winter weather as a city. (We have winter storms with increasing frequency, yet we continue to not be prepared for them.)

This is not my patio. This is a mess. 

We have had snow. And snow. And snow. The most recent storm started on Tuesday, and here we are on Sunday and the streets continue to be coated in snow and ice. Because kH only gets paid when he works, all these snow days (yes, the city shut down, the courts shut down, the schools shut down, the places people take kids to when the schools shut down also shut down, and of course his work shut down, too) have meant he’s had maybe one full paycheck since Thanksgiving. (He also doesn’t get holiday pay yet, because the agency he works for is cheap exploitive what it is).

Thankfully I had pH’s holiday gifts purchased ahead of time, and thankfully I believe in having a lot of food stocked in the pantry, and thankfully I still remember how to cook.

This is my beautiful daughter, just before we had a snowball fight.

Today we went out to the library, pH and I, and she said, “I can see how this snow thing can get old.” (An hour later she was fascinated by icicles, so don’t write her off as a snow cynic–yet.)

In a delightful bit of timing, the agency he applied to work for over a year ago has decided that this should be the week to interview across the country; they will reimburse us for his travel/expenses. They kept changing the date, so we couldn’t plan. Now he has a date–Friday.  Monday is a holiday. And did I mention he doesn’t get paid if he doesn’t work? So we’re looking at $1K in travel expenses which we would be reimbursed for, but it’s 1K we don’t have because SNOW. Once he’s there, we’re looking at yet another tiny paycheck (if he takes a red eye, and that would seriously suck, he’d only miss one extra day of work).

[This is where I emit a stream of expletives that would make a sailor blush.]

We have to  get kH across the country–by Friday morning. (He tried to get them to do a Skype interview–isn’t that MUCH MORE reasonable?– but apparently no.) If we’d had a week or two of warning, we could have swung it. We didn’t. I’d be appalled by the timeline and assumption of expenses, except this is the government and it’s a job kH really, really wants.

[More expletives.]

Perspective: I mean, we’re not starving. We’re not freezing. It’s not the end of the world. We will catch up sometime in mid-late February. And somehow we will get him across the country, even if it involves a giant slingshot.

If the weather would only just give us rain again…please?