Spring break is awesome (for this homeschool family). Even with breaks in pH’s regularly scheduled activities and lessons, it’s a good time.

Spring break (or any break involving camps) reminds me of how quiet the house is without pH. It reminds me of the 15 years that preceded pH–and how lovely that time was–but also how wonderful it is we have her in our lives now (even when she is being a pain), because I do miss her like crazy by about 2.

Spring break I read a lot of books.

Spring break is the week we do not go to our ordinary haunts like OMSI or the zoo or Audubon (in fact, like a few other homeschool parents I’ve met, I calendar the Portland Public Schools holidays to know when to avoid going).

Spring break is the week neither my daughter nor I is interrogated about why she’s not in school (yeah, this happens at least once a week, but fortunately pH is good at shutting them down before I do). “I’m homeschooled,” she says, with an implicit “dumbshit” in her tone at the end that I’m absolutely positively sure never came from me.

Spring break is the week there are camps! And not in the summer! Activities with lots of kids! This year, we had her in three Trackers Portland day camps (7:30-3:30ish), and she came home muddy and tired and happy and talking about dragons and imps and druids. (Not so fun is getting her anywhere by 7:30, though–I’ve said it many times, but oh, I do not miss waking her up and getting her ready for school, nor am I a fan of lunch-packing. We discovered there are a couple of Luna bars flavors that do not cause either of us to go into anaphylaxis, though, so at least I can guarantee my picky eater will eat those.) Both days thus far have been “the best ever” (and declaring them to be much better than Audubon, the previous favorite).


Surly proto-teen pose

By chance, Loreena McKennitt played in Portland last night, and I had purchased tickets (before registering pH for camp) because I’d never seen her live, and so we got our exhausted and muddy child home to shower, then to sushi and the concert. It wasn’t ideal–and she was being a surly proto-teenager to me that day–but she couldn’t get over how “fancy” the Schnitz was (it was cute, even if Rococo Revival is not my thing), and was given a lesson in my highly honed skill of (relative) decorous walk-racing to the bathroom at intermission ahead of almost everyone else. (Pro tip: it helps to be small and to dart between groups.) She was kind of indifferent at first (which is odd, because she listens to her), though, until the Bonny Swans came on and she said, “This is the one I was really hoping they’d play!” Ah. So she was paying attention.
We ended up at home around 10:30, which is just crazy talk. The Hat family never is out so late!

Blissfully, she went straight to bed and was asleep in a minute or two…

…although I had to get her out of bed at 6:30, which was not a joy. But she’s off at camp now. We have our LEAF back from the auto body shop, and I am really looking forward to not having to wake her up early tomorrow.