I am over Facebook. I deactivated my personal account.

I am over the remaining family I talk to, the ones whom I’ve gone out of my way to acknowledge on their birthdays. Guess how many of them I heard from on mine? Zero? Yes? You got it. (This makes the people who did surprise me on my birthday with gifts out of the blue–you know who you are–all the more important to me. Thank you.)

I am over my daughter’s sensei yelling “squirrel” at her when she is living in her own head and ought to be paying attention. I understand that martial arts are about getting her to stop living in her own head all the time. I signed her up so she would learn to pay attention. But stop fucking yelling “squirrel” at her like she’s in boot camp. She feels everything 100x more keenly than the average person, and it’s taking a huge toll on her. Also, me. My heart breaks for her.

I am over a lot of things, and if I went on I’d probably get myself in trouble, but right now I really just want to crawl in a ball, dread PT tomorrow (the first time since the hit-and-run), and wish I could eat chocolate and/or drink alcohol.