There are more advantages to homeschooling than I can begin to put in one blog post, but my favorite is this: I do not have to wake pH up in the mornings. Depending on where she is in a growth cycle, this is good or better or pure awesome. Right now, it’s pure awesome: she’s put on a teeny bit of weight and is cranky in the way that is generally the harbinger of a growth spurt. (I’m hoping this growth spurt takes her completely out of the realm of fitting into my shoes…while simultaneously terrified she won’t grow into her feet and will look like a Hobbit.)

My second favorite is the joy of the impromptu holiday. Since we don’t take a summer vacation or a spring vacation per se, since I don’t generally hold in-service days for myself, and because parent-teacher conferences are generally whispered with kH after bedtime, well, we have the time to say eff it all some days.

We needed that flexibility this week. Monday, after a really full slate of academics–it was a day when pH begged for more math, had many eureka! moments, and who was I to say no?–we were (pH and I) the victims of a minor hit-and-run accident (my police report was made to possibly the most handsome man on the planet, the insurance reports are filed, the damage repair estimates obtained…I hate auto accidents, because they’re almost as much paperwork as applying for graduate school).*

Tuesday my back was killing me (pH is fine) and the bronchitis decided it wanted to see if it could turn into pneumonia; still, I got pH to her outside (physical) activities, our usual weekly library time, but apparently ultimately punted on academics aside from music theory. (I’m looking at my notes, because I don’t remember much aside from wanting to sleep through the whole day.)

Wednesday was another round of activities, but not much by way of academics, aside from fraction work and baby’s first computer programming, or as I said to kH, Baby’s first “Hello, World” (even though it was not a hello, world program).

Yesterday I still had a fever but mostly stopped trying to cough my lungs up (just green stuff now–hooray), and I let pH do free-reading all day, excepting the time spent at her swim lesson. Today we have an annual family celebration, so an all-out academic amnesty was declared (although we still did some ancient Near East art history and fractions). She stayed in her Minecraft t-shirt until noon, groceries were delivered (orchestrated by kH), and pH watched Mothra movies. (They are really, really horrible.)

Today I am working my way through a book that ought to be wonderful, given the author and the press (an Ivy university press) but which is so badly edited I want to hunt down the editors and hit them over the head with it as many times as the book repeats itself on basic facts (honestly, page to page repetitions!), puts illustrations nowhere near the relevant (if repetitive) text, includes sentence fragments, and makes questionable font choices…except I can’t afford that sort of legal defense fund.

*This accident is more annoying than most, because the driver has a record of this sort of thing–driving uninsured, hit-and-run, driving while suspended, etc. With a little help from friends and some online research, I learned a lot about the woman who hit me, up to and including that I nailed her height/weight in my witness statement, even though I was completely discombobulated at the time and I never saw her get out of the car, since, well, she pretended she was going to pull away and then decided to do high-G maneuvers in a residential area. Also, I haven’t heard anything from an officer who handles these sorts of traffic accidents, so I don’t know how seriously it’s being taken.