Bait and switch. This is a week in review post. That must mean I’m sick, right? Ding ding ding! Did you guess bronchitis? Yes? Then you’re our lucky winner!

So, yes. Good times. I’m not contagious and it no longer feels like I swallowed broken glass, but you should hear me try to breathe.

Week in review, week in review…what the heck did I do?

Ah. The same thing I do every week, Pinky. Try to take over the world. Take my child to all the things.* I also napped and read a lot. I managed a museum visit. Somehow.

The post title–and quote of the week–goes to a fellow homeschool mom, who, when we were sitting together surveying a new crop of homeschool parents moms said, “Homeschool moms are creepy.”

Yes, they are. A bunch of stereotypical homeschool moms enrolled their kids into one our kids have been in for a while. Stereotypical is kind of harsh. When I classify them, I divide them into junior high mean girls, pious wives, and hippies. (I am omitting the precious “moms I like” category, but there are six so far.) Think of everything you ever hated about a book group, high school, or church, and you have the gist of what it’s like to sit through activities with most homeschool moms.

Maybe I should start an ex-Goth girl clique. I’m kind of old–multiple ear piercings were the rebellion mutilation of choice in my day–and while Goths can get away with Fluevogs, the Eileen Fisher certainly won’t work.

I’m stuck with mean girl, yeah. With bronchitis.

I wrote one of the cruelest book reviews of my life on Goodreads. I should take it down–that would be the nice thing to do. Leave it with one star and nothing else. Maybe when I feel better; right now I’m still bitter I wasted two hours of my waking time reading it.

Oh, what else? I’m blanking. My husband took a job that will allow us to remain local for a while. (Yes, I buried the lede.) After the job of his dreams turned into the stuff of nightmares, I worry.

We have been watching Firefly with our daughter, who decided Jayne is her favorite character.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Books. Driving. Library. Activities. Museums. Sleeping.

*Given this election cycle’s choice of candidates, I would like to move to amend the Constitution to allow cartoon mice to run for president. Hell, I’d even vote for Doofenschmirtz, but he’s not a native.