It started normally enough. kH practiced with me what to do if someone grabs my arm, at my request. I like to joke that I am small but mighty, but I am rather strong for my size–I blame German genes–and I lack the ability to walk through any sort of technique slowly, so I threw him into the couch head first. He was fine, but it made such a racket that I went outside to make sure my horrid neighbors weren’t gathering with pitchforks. Fortunately not–just spades. The gardener and I discussed the difference between noxious weeds and invasive species and the rarity of cedar trees falling vs. Doug Firs in storms. As one does.

But it was time for Activity #1. pH rocked her Portland-based clothes (Hanna* and KEENs). We went to the community center where I spend most of my life five days a week. We attended her first class. We were recognized by random staff, because, well, five days a week and Portland.

With time to kill before Activity #2, we went to the library, where we plugged in the electric car to charge. Three people randomly engaged us in conversation, as one does in Portland. pH collected so many books I learned I can check out over thirty-two (who knew?) at a time. She would have taken all of the various Warrior “Erin Hunter” books out but I limited her to six of those.

We then went across the street to Burgerville, when a sudden hailstorm broke out, or started, or whatever verb one uses with hail, and because it was hail and not rain, everyone inside got excited and went out in it, employees included. Oh. Me, too.

As we waited for the line-caught halibut fish and chips (pH does not eat chips; she just orders four pieces of halibut, sometimes five–I manage three), the Decemberists came on. (I have no idea why the video is so damned large.)

Because today it was Portlandia and not Portland, though, the sun came out for a while. Then I put a bird on it by signing pH up for Audubon Camp.

As one does.

* Oh! I had a lovely letter over the weekend from the people at HA about plans on diversifying their marketing.