Last Sunday was mostly good. We’d just purchased a (Certified used but not very–last year’s model with 1700 miles or so AND I think I did a very good job on price negotiations) Nissan Leaf SL and were playing with it. I find it amusing that the most comfortable and fancy car we have ever had operates on electricity so I’m too paranoid to use most features for fear of wasting electricity.

Yesterday, not so much. Around 5 PM, my husband started not making much sense. I was cooking dinner at the time (a noteworthy event, since I hate cooking). I handed him the Atlantic and asked him to read a random paragraph. He couldn’t. I gave him a copy of Naval Proceedings and asked him to do the same. He couldn’t. He couldn’t repeat Latin names of dinosaur species, as quizzed by pH. He couldn’t remember family members’ names. He couldn’t remember my dog’s (FSM rest his soul) breed, which is esoteric but not to us. At first he didn’t realize what the problem was, but when he knew–ach, the look in his eyes.

I turned off the stove and called 911. He complained. I told him to shut up and put his shoes on. He agreed to go if I drove him. (SIGH.) It was not my safest driving.

By the way, if you ever want to go to the head of the line in an emergency department, that would be the way to do it. If you want to scare an RN or four, try having an RN, BSN, [add rare multi-letter certification] on the bed who can’t recall the generic names of his medications.

I will sum up five and a half hours of terror, hunger, boredom, pH complaining (until I taught her to read the monitors so she could obsessively observe his blood pressure, oxygen levels, heart rate, and respirations, too), more terror, but exceptionally wonderful MD and RN care with this:

Did you know that there are migraines that mimic stroke symptoms? And did you know that some people get them every time? And that every time, since you don’t know if it’s a stroke or not, you get to treat it the same way?

I thought my three-month migraine was bad, but I’d take them back if kH gets a pass on more of these.