Right. Around the time I went into witness protection  on an unintentional hiatus, a bunch of bad things happened and then a bunch of promising things happened and then a bunch of stressful things happened (good/bad, good/bad/good/bad…) and supposedly something good, or at least just, which is close to good, is going to happen soon.

That is obnoxiously vague, but it’s the version most people in real life get, too. There was a clause, you see, so that’s all there is.


Real life. Possibly TMI.

  • The bizarre summer is turning into a beautiful autumn.
  • I really need a pedicure. I noticed this when pH was at a special martial arts class and I took off my shoes before going in to watch (even though most parents don’t; I don’t get that, but whatever).
  • Yesterday I managed to jam a piece of bacon into my gumline, causing hours of pain until I got it out (the day after my dental insurance expired).  I am the only person I know of to be injured by bacon. It’s just…wrong.
  • I finished my annual Goodreads goal (75 books) quickly. That tells you about how much avoidance of reality I’ve been doing, or trying to do.
  • Did you know Macs have gray screens of death?

I ordered a book online from a vendor that was new (I remember consciously choosing it) and had forgotten about my order until it came today, and it was charmingly gift wrapped, and it made what was a kind of bad day turn into a nicer one. Go thither and buy things from them. Also, I’m delighted to know the art of gift wrapping still exists, because my skills have slid into mediocrity. (Gift bags were invented for my ilk.)


  • I never really stopped homeschooling for the summer, except for camps or other activities. There was a break around Labor Day–not deliberate, but because it happened to correspond to the bunch of stressful things.
  • I am now teaching Latin to my child and sometimes my husband. This would be great if I knew Latin aside from whatever my parents tossed around, but I’m essentially working through Wheelock’s while they’re doing an easier book. I’m still doing my daily German. It doesn’t look like I’ll be living in Germany any time soon, but heck, why waste it?
  • pH has discovered Harry Potter. Here’s my secret: I’ve never read the books. I saw one movie and was bored. I am now having to hear about Harry Potter ALL THE TIME. I would complain–wait, actually, I am right now–but it is a break from “What is your favorite sauropod/aquatic reptile from the Cretaceous?” I bought an adult book about dinosaurs to try to catch up, but she nabbed it and I haven’t gotten past the introduction. And now the what’s-your-favorite questions are getting harder.
  • We gave pH an old Kindle. (Not an old-old Kindle, like the kind with the keyboards–can we donate those to anyone?–but kH’s Paperwhite or whatever it is, and he’s using his older Kindle–and it is nice to just download books from the library or Kindle Unlimited and send them to her “library.”)
  • pH’s science class has started again. There are at least two transgender kids under the age of 7. Complete non-issue for the kids (at least mine; pH had a trans kid in her 1st grade and she will wear “boy” clothing if it’s something she likes). I realize that bathrooms are an incredibly gauche thing to bring up in the trans community, but I was stumped when instructed to take a tiny FTM five year old to the bathroom; he was wanting to go to the men’s when I was headed to the women’s. “Um…are you okay going in there by yourself?” “Yep,” he said, and so I waited outside. And yep, he was fine. (This one is tricky. The parents use feminine pronouns, but the kid goes to the men’s and pH uses “he” and “him” and interacts with him, and I’m presuming he’d correct her if she used the wrong pronouns…so I’m going with “he” and “him.” In talking to the parents, I just use the proper name.)
  • I cannot imagine that happening when I was a kid. Or a teenager. And I was raised in a liberal family with liberal friends, but society was simply not that open or accepting. That it’s NBD to pH is pretty awesome.
  • Last spring I went overboard with activities for pH–when I think back on it, I realize how insane it was–but it was a way of coping with the other things (see above) so while I was frazzled, it was probably good in the long run. This fall, not knowing exactly what is going to happen in a month or two, I’ve kept things to the minimum…and it’s been much simpler. And peaceful. And lovely.
  • Except when pH is being a pain and refusing to do work, of course. I threatened to send her to school today. The idea of sending her to school…yes, it’s tempting. If we lived a few blocks to the west…

And this reminds me I have some work-ish things (amazingly, I still freelance in my copious free time) I ought to be doing, too, but for now, this is where we are. And it is time for pH to do division. Yay, division.