A few things are starting to look up. Actually, a big cloud is starting to lift. It still means a bit of work on my end, and not being an expert in these things, I ended up talking to a few people for some advice and got wonderful, wonderful tips. My old boss offered me a loan in the event we needed money until things are settled. (I asked if I could give him interest–this is the guy who, when I had raise negotiations, afterward I hid in the stairwell in tears. He said no. I asked if I could make cookies. He laughed and said I wasn’t allowed to leave Portland.)

A friend from Twitter and Facebook (and now the phone!) helped me, too–and an obscure piece of information that would have taken me weeks to obtain on my own. She was wonderful and gracious and mentioned paying it forward.

Not two minutes after that, one of my favorite classmates called to ask me advice about an ethical situation she’s dealing with.

And this is the part I love about being a lawyer, the thing no one ever told me would happen, a thing I never realized would happen. When I became a lawyer, I joined a club. Nearly every lawyer I’ve met would go out of their way to help another. Maybe that’s not true everywhere; maybe I’ve been lucky. Maybe it’s the west coast. But I can’t count the number of times I’ve called people I didn’t know to ask a question, or vice-versa. Or recommended to a new grad that they should talk to X or Y attorney for potential jobs (or been that new grad myself).

It’s really pretty awesome.