pH is in camp this week. Not overnight camp (although I found myself researching my old sleep-away camp–apparently there is a science option now, as well as a music option–despite the fact it’s 643 miles away).

Just walking into a quiet house was bizarre. Nice, but bizarre.

You guys, I did things. Without interruption.

I watered the plants in the front of the house, watered my elderly neighbors’ plants, did legal research (something that is almost impossible to do with frequent interruption, which is why in days of yore I’d have my calls held until afternoon), spilled soda all over creation (thankfully diet) including on an ILL book that an asshole librarian only gave me 10 days with (enjoy the bonus soda on a couple of pages!), read part of a psychiatry journal and “diagnosed” everyone I know, and attempted, without success, to backup my computer.

I listened to hours of Tudor-era music without anyone complaining about it. I read cases. I made notes. I thought without interruption. Not at 11 PM, not at 5 AM, but at 10 AM, when I actually am capable of rational thought.

All this makes me think, wow, if pH were in school, I would have all this time back. (Alas, it also reminds me how much I hated getting pH out the door at 7-something, hate the battle over getting up and clothes and brushing hair and teeth, and how much I hate making lunches and planning snacks.)

Then I am reminded: this is temporary. Eventually she will be able to wake herself up and make her own food. (I am working on this, even if right now it amounts to lots of miso soup and nutrigrain-like bars and yes, I do know the track record of teenagers waking up early is not good, generally speaking.) And I am homeschooling because I have to right now. When we move we will be scrupulous about school districts and cachements. And I will hope against hope that pH will find an elusive good fit somewhere.

Until then, I’ll be enjoying this week, a wee bit of work, reading, listening to music that I choose, and hoping the next few weeks are much better than they were last summer. (Also: that this is the end of the sinus infection from hell. I hate being sick in the summer.)