This morning I decided I can either go mad, faint, or write about what I’m doing with pH. At this point, I’ve been teaching pH longer than I’ve been admitted to the bar. I…am trying not to freak out about that, because I have enough already.

IMG_0581I may have already gone mad, if developing panic and anxiety disorders counts (and not even from my own job! It’s vicarious!), and I certainly have fainted (qH trivia: I have fainted more in my life than I’ve vomited, but I’m phobic of both). So.

Writing it is. The Secular Homeschooling Guide for Minister’s Daughters-cum-Atheists is probably too narrow a topic, but something along those lines. The Godless Homeschool Guide? I am serious about putting together a book proposal, if for no other reason for those sweet people who marvel about how I manage to do it all.

You know how I manage to do it?

Meticulous calendars, to-do lists, restrictions on screen time until work is done, noise-canceling headphones…oh, and pharmaceuticals.

I’ll let the Xanax handle the panic, the Prevacid handle the overabundance of stomach acid, and the GI cocktail deal with my esophagus doing the Samba (I can only assume it felt neglected).

I will do my best not to faint, and I will take any title recommendations you  may have.