I like Crescent City. The beach is lightly used and lovely, and to someone used to Oregon beaches, relatively warm. The redwoods are beautiful and we went on great hikes. kH wanted to see Roosevelt Elk, and we did. He spotted some in a clearing 200 yards away. He imitated the whistle the males do and made others perk up. It was pretty awesome.

When we went to get something to drink on our way back to the hotel (think McDonald’s–a $4 tab) we were a little shocked our card was declined.

I paid cash and then I did a little research.

As of right now, we’ve been charged by @TheBestWestern $1,378.89 for four nights in a town whose main industry is the prison up the road. 

We discovered the hotel charged my checking account twice the amount of three nights (draining that account completely, because payday is this week and this is the account incidentals come out of) and my husband’s account more than four days (but less than five days) of the same stay (this account is used to pay all our bills).

My card was used on a reservation to hold the stay, the other to pay for it–not incidentals, the whole stay, which should have been $475.16.

The charges Best Western made to my checking account are exactly two times what three days would cost.

The charges to kH’s account are nothing like the $475.16 he paid. They’re in two lump sums, none of which looks like 3 days+1 day; they’re for a grand total of $546 and change.

AND on top of that, they charged an additional $118.79, too, but are supposed to void that one.

At home, we have enough money in an account to pay off our car, because we’re doing that this week. We can’t access that here, because the account is in Portland in a credit union.We’re in California in an area so remote I don’t have cell coverage with a major carrier.

I have been to the front desk twice. I have copies of all the receipts. But it does me no good.

I can’t call Best Western Customer Care (even roaming) because they aren’t open (they close; there’s no 24 hour line). Apparently they’ll be open at 7 AM tomorrow. You know. The same time we wanted to start driving home, because kH has work Tuesday and it’d be nice to get there at a decent time. The same time the manager shows up at the hotel here.

I can’t call my bank, kH’s bank, or the credit union because today is Sunday and tomorrow is a federal holiday.

I have $26 in cash and 350 miles to drive home.

Everyone is very sympathetic and apologetic–really, they’re quite nice–but has no answers except “we’re really very sorry.” I appreciate the sympathy, but that does not put the money back in my account, nor does it buy gas or food. I happened to buy Pop-tarts yesterday for kH and pH on a lark, so they have those. I have some Wasa sourdough rye crackers.

This is kH’s birthday.