We are! Well, sort of.

pH has actually “done” learning (she calls it work and I call it learning; somehow it ended up as “doing learning”). The hooky part was skipping her weekly class at the science museum with the shitty food. I think she needed a break from the social piece of it, and I always come out of the museum completely frazzled: too much noise and chaos. So far as I can tell, she hasn’t actually learned anything new in the class, but she does enjoy the social piece of it.

If I were really playing hooky, I’d let her read on the couch all day while I wrote–no, I guess I’d let her play Xbox?– but she needs structure and I need to feel we’re moving forward. Mental health days are fine as long as we make it to swimming, talk about the element of the day–she picked another radioactive one because she knows it annoys me (“Can’t you just pick a nice halogen?”)–practice the piano, and learn how to pronounce Lavoisier correctly. We’ll pass on the math and grammar for the day and call it good.