I started blogging regularly in the winter of 2002-3, when we were snowed in for a week in a town that still doesn’t have a snow plow. Before that, I’d had a website since 1996 that was…expansive.


I’m done here.

I have formed great relationships with some people as a result of blogging. Mostly, though, I look at the stats–respectable for something I never much publicized–and wonder what the point is.

I’ve just gone through the worst four years of my life and blogged much of it. To the people who reached out with encouragement (I’m counting the previous blog): thank you.  You can’t know how much it meant (and continues to mean) to me, because you are rare and precious. Very rare and precious.

To those of you who bought the book from the previous blog? You’re really rare and precious.

But…I’m not really sure why the rest of you are here. I’ve always assumed, in the case of working lawyers, it’s because the train wreck of my SAHM life gives you the impetus to stay employed. Or maybe for learning where not to shop in Portland, or the occasionally funny anecdote or picture of my kid. I don’t know, I didn’t know, and I may never know, but blogging gave me an outlet to write at a time I needed to share those things.

I am done sharing those things.

Thank you for reading.