This weekend I have legal work on my plate. This is great for all of the obvious reasons. Part of what I have to do is examine discovery (though not the whopping 1500 pages from last weekend; mercifully I speed-read),* and part of what I have to do is produce a document.

This is fine. I have all day Sunday, and I think–finally–we are over our colds. pH is still stuffy, but it’s nowhere near as bad as it was a few days ago. I know I’m better because I had cabin fever and while my big outing was Chipotle, well, it was something.**

It is a lot harder to do contract work while homeschooling than when I had a baby at home. I no longer worry about pH crying if I’m doing a hearing telephonically, but the amount of work that goes into teaching her is exhausting, and it involves a lot of interruptions if I try to do something else at the same time. Legal work requires flow, at least for me, much more than fiction or blogging does. And when I am in a state of flow and am interrupted I am…not happy.

Tomorrow pH will probably have more Xbox time than normal, and that is okay.

Today, she was playing the Brave Xbox 360 game, and jumping from one precarious place to place and when her character fell, I inadvertently made a sound (I grew up with Super Mario Brothers–the first one, you know, with limited lives). pH turned around and exclaimed, “Don’t gasp!”

kH and I could not stop laughing.

The last week has gotten better, despite the colds.

She asked me to read Pride and Prejudice to her a few days ago. Tonight I read Chapter 6 to her while she bathed. I have to stop and explain early 19th century conventions so much it is kind of annoying (“The eldest daughter is Miss so-and-so and the second daughter is Miss First Name” and “Yes, Lizzy and Elizabeth and Eliza are all the same person” and “Lady Lucas and Miss Lucas are not the same person”). We’re about to the place that matches up to the first episode of the BBC series, so I think we’ll watch it together Monday.

It was all worth it this chapter, though, when she sat up in the bath and exclaimed, “DARCY IS STARTING TO LIKE LIZZY?!”

Why, yes. It certainly does seem so.

“I knew it,” she said smugly.

*When I’m reading academic texts that I know I’m going to need or want to reference in the future, I highlight (orange, preferably, or antique yellow, but sometimes green) and use sticky notes (Avery, not Post-it) and take notes with a Pilot G2 .38mm pen on real briefing paper made by Ampad–we’re talking the wide margin, folks—or Bindertek depo pads. Because I am OCD about my office supplies.

Anyway. Because one of the few blocks of time I get to read is when pH is at her swim lesson. It is always amusing when one of pH’s swim buddies comes up to me, because they invariably ask me the same thing: “Why are you coloring your book?” And I say that it’s to help me read more slowly (true) and also because one of the best parts about being a grownup is that you can color in your books and no one will get mad at you (also true). And they say, “Oh, cool,” and that is that. 61FYcFhBsVL._SL1000_

** Missing the Superbowl? Yeah. It’s not haughty about “sports ball.” I’ll watch it if it’s on, but my understanding of the rules is limited and I am more interested in player behavior, and they always cut to commercials before I get to really analyze what’s I find interesting. I had a friend (PhD in sociology) explain sport butt-patting nuances, because I was baffled at how something so testosterone-laden and (at that time–I assume it’s somewhat better now) homophobic involved so much ass-grabbing. Not that I minded watching, of course.

I make a point of knowing who is playing so that I can tell kH, who, while he knows the rules, never knows who is playing. I also tell him the final score.