Today was one of our “we run around and go places days,” which really means “qH runs herself ragged to provide ‘enrichment’ and do necessary errands and sends out barely coherent messages to friends during breaks,” so if you got one of those…um, sorry.

Between lessons we went to the art museum.

Some background: if you’ve ever cared to look, you might have noticed the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is not actually named, though the general assumption is that it was an apple. I have a tremendous ignorance of the old testament, despite my upbringing, so I didn’t know this until I was an adult.


As much as I love my Honeycrisp and Lady Alice apples, if you’re going to get cast out of Eden, my theory is it had better be over a high-end fruit, preferably something messy. This has actually been an ongoing discussion in the Hat household for many years, predating pH.

I argue for pomegranates. They’re a pain in the ass to eat, messy (you’d need fig leaves to cover the evidence) and they taste good. Like I said, is it worth an apple, assuming we believe that’s the reason we’re mortal and women have to suffer in childbirth, to fall from grace? You’re going to hang that on an apple? I think not. (Besides, apple trees require a certain amount of cold weather in the winter to prosper.)

Also in the running are figs, but figs are gross. I really can’t imagine getting cast out of the garden over a fig. So they have useful First Fashion leaves? You can put cake around figs and call them Newtons and they’re still gross. Anything you can put a cake on and still is gross is not worth getting kicked out of the garden for. Cake makes everything better, except me, and only if it’s made without wheat.

So, there ends the background.

There is an exhibit running at PAM called Forbidden Fruit (closing 8 February) which when I initially saw it, I thought was frivolous. Then, because I’d promised pH that she could choose what we looked at during this visit (lots and lots of abstract, but none for more than five seconds, as it turns out), we also spent a lot of time at Forbidden Fruit. She was fascinated by it. We were there long enough to see an adult art class come through and expound upon it and it was presented the way, well, adult art classes tend to be done. Because I thought that was funny and precious, I started asking pH similar questions, to which she gave pretty good answers, and we ended up having a discussion about the whole fruit issue. (Also, how all the men were naked and the women were kinda clothed–NOT something I heard any of the adults point out, but they were mostly male.)

pH is firmly in the apple camp, by the way. I stand by pomegranates. I was pleased the artist put figs, pomegranates, and apples in. She’s hedging her bets, like so many do.