So, I’m a lawyer. If you ever read the byline on the right or read my old blog(s), you knew that. I salivate at Bindertek catalogs. However,

IMG_9355.JPG1. With the exception of the 1910 (2nd) edition of Black’s Law Dictionary my next-door neighbor gave me quite randomly a week or two ago (and a 3rd edition, too) and a stack of federal sector employment law books near my desk, there aren’t very many reminders of my legal life in my home office. I did some legal work last year for my old boss, but nothing since. My diploma and bar memberships are buried in a closet…somewhere.


2. I hate talking on the phone.

And yet today I spent four hours on the phone with lawyers (3) and paralegals (1, but twice). Not to mention the emails and texts that were going back and forth in the afternoon. (I should say here: none of this has anything to do with a case in which any of the Hat clan is a party.)

But in all of this, I never got around to showering. (Yes, this bothers me.) I did manage to cook lunch, do dishes, laundry, and get pH though math, reading, and organizational tasks in the midst of this, but I think she enjoyed the many hours of free reading time, judging by the book chaos I found later. Some of us are more OCD than others.

And perhaps knowing how tired both she and kH and I were tonight, pH read us stories, instead of the other way around. Maybe she’ll manage to stay put tonight (last night she fought sleep until 11 PM AND appeared in my room at 5 AM. JHC.)