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In addition to the usual school-ish things, in the last week I have:

  • Gone to an organ recital with pH;
  • Petted a Russian Tortoise;
  • Run a footrace with pH around a local business’s showroom (we were testing out shoes; it’s kind of nice to live in a place where cool businesses are headquartered);
  • “Graduated” from PT (with significantly better posture, no more TMJ, no more popping jaw, and almost no neck pain/tension);
  • Meticulously recorded everything I ate, because I do that now;
  • Cooked a lot, but–
  • Managed to have sushi twice.
  • Read a novel or two.
  • Had three or so migraines.
  • Spent about an hour and a quarter in a sensory deprivation tank. I don’t care if you are claustrophobic (and I am), it’s like control-alt-del. (And because they were a bit late in opening, they credited the account so I’m going back soon.)
  • Seen my child work out whatever mental process she was stuck in, so I have a much sweeter, less tantrum-y pH. For now. Mostly.
  • Still had pH show up in my bed every night sometime between 2-4 AM. Because she’s scared of…I don’t know. She doesn’t, either. All the books say to take the child back to her bed and firmly tell her to stay put. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Allow me to do the math: 1 incredibly stubborn person (with a great voice) x 1 incredibly stubborn person (with a propensity for sarcasm) = 1 infinitely more stubborn, loud, and vocal person. (We might as well be playing the bagpipes.) None of my neighbors could take that at 2 AM.
  • Received my anniversary gift two days earlier than anticipated (a new nano; mine was so old it could take video, but alas, not a charge). pH: “I thought it would be…bigger.”
  • Was invited to purchase an Echo for $99, but still, money;
  • Did not pay attention to my phone and drove across town for a cancelled music lesson (whoops!) so instead we
  • Went to Audubon to hang out with the raven, and also watched the care team work with two red-tailed hawks.