pH has watched Kennedy’s Moon speech many times, because I am always saying, “Why did we go to the moon? Because it was easy?” and she knows she is to say, “No, because it was hard.” This is part of my getting her over her perfectionist issues. I don’t know how well it’s working, but it has been fun making her memorize chunks of presidential speeches.

(kH does: “What is the strength of the pack?” pH: “The wolf.” kH: “What is the strength of the wolf?” pH: “The pack.”)

If someone sends a pack of wolves to the moon in about 20 years, well, you know who was responsible.

In other news, there are a lot of not-easy things going on in our lives. I can’t help it, I can’t write about it, and it’s a damned shame I’m the only member of my natal family to have gotten a pass on alcoholism.

And…news flash: seven year olds are about as much fun as three year olds, only with better diction and syntax.

I’ve learned it’s one thing to firmly believe you shouldn’t bail your kid out of situations in which they need help (like in a class with parents present and the assignment is for the children to build a thing), especially when most of the other parents are doing the work for (or heavily prompting) their kids, but holding the sobbing child who wants you to do it for her…not so fun. I told pH I was 41 and I could probably build a decent enough version of the thing with my very basic engineering skills, but I wasn’t taking the class, she was.

That was not helpful. I had almost 70 pounds of seven year old in my lap, now crying even harder.

However. I said some other things that got her to calm down. Ultimately, after the projects were completed, pH had gotten control of herself, so I said, look. There is joy in watching other people experience joy…and go size up all the projects. If you pick the winner, I’ll buy the tornado-in-a-jar thing in the science store I refused to buy earlier.

I don’t know if she picked the winner legitimately or not, but she put herself right up there on the stage, clapped for everyone with a big smile and hearty congratulations, and I bought the tornado in a jar thing. With sparkles.

If you happen to be watching coverage of the Wolf-to-Moon mission in 20 years? That’s my girl in the sparkles.