Despite nearly a week of feeling like we might very well perish, the Hat family did not, despite the effort of whatever weird intestinal/cold virus or viruses that afflicted us. Hooray. However, because of the staggered nature of illness in the family over time (if we were graphing this), it meant when pH was just fine to go to lessons and recitals and so forth, I wanted to crawl into a cave and die, but kH had already taken up the space in the cave so I did the driving and the listening. I’m standing by for a medal…oh, right. They don’t give those out.

In any case, I am terrible at being sick. I’m usually more miserable about all the crap I’m not doing than I am about how I feel, which makes me a very annoying sick person. I haven’t had time to vacuum/mop since the onset of illness, and  Kinetic Sand does not come out of a lot of things, including my yoga mat. This sounds like minor crap, but try being a professional struggling with being “just a mom” and see what kinetic sand in everything does to your ego. Okay, maybe it’s just me. But my house is a disaster. One day I wanted to die and simultaneously bemoaned the state of my house and also the fact it sucks to not have a professional outlet. kH appropriately rolled his eyes and politely told me to get over it.

So maybe it’s not a medal, but the next day I still felt miserable, but decided I was going to pitch something for a conference next year, started researching, and hello, dopamine! (Or whatever neurotransmitter you were. You rock.) There’s still Kinetic Sand everywhere, I don’t feel great, I am still a load of laundry behind, but between a new toner cartridge, unlimited JSTOR access and a ream of paper…I don’t care about the house quite so much.

That’s the last 10 days, right there. I whined, I didn’t vacuum, I managed to teach my kid some things, I got her to lessons, and I started researching something I’m passionate about.

Oh! And I really, really, really love this CD. If the link doesn’t show up below, click here. Like right now.