…chaos remains. Most of today was spent dealing with a car dealership which was…about as much fun as dealing with a car dealership. I was with a friend who enjoys this sort of thing. By the time I got home, I was completely exhausted, mentally depleted, and wanted to crawl into a ball. It’s not my cup of tea. My friend was fine. I was a civil litigator, dammit. Memos. Motion hearings. Depos, taking and defending. Crazy deadlines. Negotiating settlements with lots of zeroes. This was just about a car priced below my last two cars, one of which I bought in 1998. What happened to me? Can I blame the weather?

So while there is a car parked in front–which kH has declared to be both the ugliest thing he has ever seen but also the car with the most headroom he’s ever sat in–there are complications that I am telling myself will be resolved very quickly and easily with a few judicious phone calls tomorrow morning.

Getting used to a new car is always weird. It didn’t take me long last week when I was borrowing a Civic SI (a sedan is a sedan, even if it’s a bit sporty), but this is a little like driving a breadbox around, and it handles differently. It’s fun (friend’s verdict, following me on the way back from the dealership: “It is SO CUTE driving around!”), but there will be no fast corners in my future. If the complications are not easily sorted, there will be not much driving in my future at all. But let’s not think of that.

The house is trashed. Clean, but trashed. I have two baskets of unfolded laundry when I usually have none (the key to not having laundry pile up is to avoid having laundry baskets, and I broke my own rule). I managed to get the coffee prepped for tomorrow but the dishes? Not happening tonight. Oh, wait. My child, up an hour past bedtime, just informed me she spilled milk on the counter. So I’ll be going down to clean, anyway.

A bunch of things broke. Random things. It’s like even the things in our lives have become rebellious.

I am holding off on a nervous breakdown for a few more days. It’s so much more convenient to have them on the weekend when I don’t have to worry about child care.

On the positive side, Oblation emailed to say they found pH’s drawing. We watched our evening episode of the Wild, Wild West (we’re on the last disk of Season 1). Also, I’ve pulled out of my depression nose dive and  have started writing again (panic and anxiety are still very much with me), which makes me feel–well, if not productive, what with everything else, kind of productive. And in my world productive IS an emotion somewhere on the happy scale, so there’s that. And I have hopes for a full night’s sleep…ah, sleep. Yes. That would be nice. If I get the dishes done and rush through my PT exercises, it could happen.

UPDATE: The things with the car are also apparently all settled, and even after I went to bed having failed to put coffee in the coffeemaker (after getting all the rest prepped–fortunately an easy remedy).