This day. Good grief.

Today was the last day of the last of pH’s three camps. It’s the camp she’s enjoyed the most and the one I was the most impressed with. You guys, she hiked three miles in 90+ degree heat and with minimal whining, I’m told. She has spoken of seeing snails and slugs without freaking out. (It’s also the most inconvenient location to get to, but because she loved it so much, I didn’t mind the drive.)

Also, because it’s the the camp she likes the most, I was willing to take public transportation to get her there for her last day. Well, I would have been. Our public transit doesn’t go near this location–I’d have to walk her up a steep trail or along a busy street 1.5+ miles (depending) to get here there after over an hour on a bus.

kH thought she didn’t need to go because of the inconvenience and difficulty. I strongly believed she did.

So this morning, pH took her first cab ride. $30 cab fare, not including tip. We got there outrageously early, so I didn’t have the guy wait (that would be 50 cents a minute). We hung out, looked at birds, then after camp started, I left.

Well, I wasn’t driving. So I walked from Audubon to NW 23rd. There wasn’t much point in going home by bus, just to turn around and go back. So I went for a long walk. It looked like this:

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 7.29.05 PM

While not really a brag-worthy distance (or speed: it took me longer than 32 minutes, and I usually walk quickly), I did it with a still very weak ankle. (I didn’t take the Wildwood trail, although I thought about it, because I could just hear kH lecturing me if I re-sprained the ankle on an uneven surface.)

Still, it was pretty along the way, and humid but not hot (yet).


When I hit NW 23rd, my ankle hurt and I had those annoying shin pains you get when you hike downhill. (I usually get those the day after, so I’m thinking tomorrow will not be fun.)

Filling out the paperwork when I started PT, there was this place to demonstrate how much your pain keeps you from doing things. That isn’t how it works for me. I will do what I have to do and suffer the consequences later. There is never a check box for that, though. Today I was under orders to be keeping this ankle iced and up and not using it. I was planning on it, because I don’t want to put it in a brace (which is what PT and kH think I should do.)

And yeah, by hurt–it really hurt. So since I was on NW 23rd anyway and nearby, I went into the place I like to float. I knew it was a long shot to see if they had any openings–but since I had many hours to kill until pick-up time, I asked, anyway. They had one! At noon! I snatched it up.

While I waited, I went for coffee, chatted about dogs with a random stranger (as one does here) and then bought lunch (a Snickers and a Diet Pepsi–I was already feeling awful about all the money I’d spent, so I was not springing for a real lunch) and went back to the Float Shoppe. They say on their website (and have said to me in the past) to “stay as long as you want!” and so I soaked my feet in the foot bath while I caught up on LRBs, then went in for my float. (Which was amazing and wonderful and relaxing–and really helped my legs/ankle.)

And I hung out until it was time to take a cab back up to Audubon. So yes! They totally mean it when they say you can stay all day!

The Russian cab driver was very helpful in commiserating about transmissions and talking to me about the relative merits of cars–he is definitely a Toyota man.

Now I’m home and I’m exhausted. My legs are killing me. I missed the PT appointment today to deal with getting pH to camp, and further mess up my ankle, which was not the smartest thing I’ve ever done. (But the KEEN boots kept my ankle steady.)

Watching a small mob of girls dogpile pH when I picked her up, reading the owl journal she put together in class, looking at her drawings and paintings, and seeing the beads she’d earned on her name tag? (This one is for teamwork, this one is for nature, etc.)

Yes, today was an expensive day, but it was worth the cab fare.


Now it’s official: our car’s transmission is shot and it’s nearly impossible to get the parts to rebuild it.

In the short term, I’m not sure what we’ll do for the car situation. Post-bankruptcy (and with my student loans looming, always looming), we can’t get a loan with anything but usurious interest rates, but if we wait several months, we will be able to borrow against kH’s retirement for a very low interest loan (and could thus purchase a car outright, setting the payments at exactly what we can handle–but still having the option of paying it off faster).

I don’t like borrowing money against kH’s retirement, but I like the idea of paying outrageous interest rates for five years even less.

I decided while floating that I am fine with this, that if we have to go a few months without a car, life will not end. Groceries can be delivered. We have Amazon Prime. I think I can learn to get over my fear of taking buses, at least for a little while. (My husband did not know of this until today, and he laughed. Even if it’s at my expense, it’s good to hear him laugh.)

Plus, as I wrote in my gratitude journal today, “It’s just a car.”