The Hat family is saddened to announce the death of its Saturn VUE.

The death came after only a very brief illness (some knocking noise on the Banfield off-ramp), and was confirmed by Dan of Dan’s Automotive.

The Hat family could have been in the ads where everyone had a Saturn, because all of us did. When we congregated, my parents’ street resembled a dealership. We believed in the labor policies, the part about being made in Tennessee, the way we were treated at the dealership. We had the big send off for the first Saturn, but not for the second two. We were pros by then.

The VUE, purchased when the Hat family had excellent credit and two incomes, had a good life, having made numerous interstate trips, although it did not live to see 100,000 miles. It had an interior mauled by dogs, a toddler, and the occasional boxes of IKEA furniture.

The Hat family, a one-car family, is still in shock. They also have no idea how to get pH to camp tomorrow.

In other words, I’m having a breakdown in the Jack-in-the-Box across the street from the mechanic (I’m CRYING and this is so incredibly embarrassing I can’t tell you–wait, sunglasses) while I wait for a very good friend to come and pick me up, so that we can get kH and pH at their respective times, and then I can freak out yet because we have no money, no credit, and no car.


Update: My friend RGP (and her daughter) took an entire Thursday afternoon to chauffeur me from Jack in the Box to my house to lunch to pick up kH to pick up pH and then drive us all the way across town in traffic home–only to turn around and face the worst rush hour traffic herself on on the way home. I saw on FB that her husband was giving away their theater tickets for the night (and while I am sorry!); I can’t begin to say how grateful I am. I feel very blessed.