Good may be stretching it. A day in which I did not need to resort to benzo…no, I needed those. Um, a day without a migraine? No, I had one of those, too. Drat.

But this is a day that didn’t suck after a long string of days that really DID suck, so I’m counting it.

  • Stumbled out of bed by 6:20. The alarm is set for 5:45 but I do what I can.
  • Made coffee. (I keep waiting for a coffee fairy to do it, but alas.) I am usually good and get it ready the night before. Not last night.
  • Showered. Dressed. Roused my child from her bed.
  • Gave pH breakfast.
  • Realized I was getting a migraine. Took Imitrex.
  • Drove pH to camp with minimal amounts of fuss, got there early, took brief walk with pH along the river (there was much complaining). Signed pH into camp.
  • Drove home.
  • Researched law. Re-read cases I used to know backwards and forwards. Congratulated self on the amazing amount of case law and law journal notes I emailed to myself back in the days of my Westlaw access. Congratulated Oregon legislature and various practitioners who have made the law even better in my field for my side since.
  • Wrote part of a memorandum of law. You know how writers will say they don’t like writing, but they like having written? For me, legal writing is that type of writing. (Everything else, including editing and rewriting of fiction? Even my non-legal nonfiction? I…actually like it. Either I’m a freak or the time I edited other people’s writing has made me like my process better.) Don’t get me wrong: I am a very good writer of legal memoranda, if I’m allowed to say so myself, and I charge accordingly. But writing this stuff is like giving birth to a bowling ball, and it requires flow. Um…those two images don’t work together. Scratch that.
  • Took a short walk.
  • Did dishes. I hate doing dishes, but life has provided me no dishes fairy, either.
  • Kind of ate lunch. I haven’t had much of an appetite.
  • Tried to ignore the fact I won’t know until tomorrow morning if my husband’s evil boss will have made good on a threat not to pay him (for a portion of work he performed). This is A Big Deal (TM) because it is one of four causes of action we may be pursuing. (Oh, right, and I also researched federal sector employment law today.) Also, our landlords are cranky when they don’t get paid rent.
  • Was so sick and anxious waiting for my mammogram appointment I went in an hour early, was seen an hour early, and ended up with, well, a bonus hour. It’s kind of crazy to see how different the images are post-reduction. The tissue is totally different. Also, the procedure is MUCH less painful now. Yay, smaller boobies!
  • I had a book along (naturally) so I decided I’d wait for pH at OMSI. By chance, her group was going by as I was walking in, so I actually ducked behind a minivan to avoid being seen. Such is the obliviousness of my child that I managed to have a short conversation with one of her counselors in the process. I was too late for Starry Nights Live, so I went  to the restaurant and caught the last part of the France-Ecuador match with a group of very enthusiastic Ecuadorians. I ate a cupcake that I am sure will make me feel like I want to die in a few hours. Resolved to know enough Spanish to hang out with Ecuadorians again, because they were fun.
  • Was stopped by a train for the third time in three days. (At least this one was after I had the child, rather than on the way to get the child.)
  • Despite the rock candy I had surprised pH with, there was a mini-tantrum about not getting take-out on the way home. Look, kid, I want Szechuan, too, but see above re: paychecks. (Well, no, she doesn’t know about that.)
  • Practiced German just enough to keep my Duolingo 151 day streak going. I have two more skills (conditional verbs part 2 and present tense verbs part 4)  before I’ve “finished” the German section. YAY. Of the 19 subsections thereof, I’ve done two of them and when I’m done ich würde gern sie in der Hölle sehen. Or however you say that. Then I’m moving to Spanish so I can hang with the Ecuadorians. (In addition to which, I’m going to look into getting certification(s) and push kH into looking for jobs in Germany.)
  • Have forced pH to bathe, practice piano, and put her dishes in the sink. “Oh, MAN, DO I HAVE TO?” Why yes. Yes, you do. See above re: dishes fairy.

And just as an aside: to the parents of the girl pH has become friendly with at camp: sending your kid to camp with a non-PB sandwich because your daughter mentioned my daughter’s allergy to you? We may never meet, timing being what it is, but I love you.