pH is a good World Cup buddy. We don’t have ESPN, so we watched in Spanish (I don’t know Spanish, but there were great commercials). She got really into it, and we had fun (although I really did scare her when the US scored because she had never, ever heard me yell like that). kH slept through it and my yelling, but he could sleep through aircraft landing above his head, so there’s that.

The new(er) Scooby Doo series is awesome. There are so many good references and jokes for geeks that I can sit and watch multiple episodes in a row and forget that we have a TV time limit. And frankly, having my child explain a plot to me that involves a character named Professor Hatecraft is…well. I want to break out the Call of Cthulhu books and explain that shotguns can kill Deep Ones, but you should really go after the cultists.

For his birthday, I got kH the entire The Wild Wild West series (Amazon had a great sale–I paid a LOT less than that) and we’ve been watching a couple every week. I had forgotten how amazingly sexist it is, but I don’t think I’d seen many of the first season (they’re in black and white, and those episodes are more violent than later episodes).  It really is amazing how much Star Trek owes to WWW.

This will be a big week, mostly in unpleasant ways I can’t discuss, which, well, sucks.

I really wish OMSI had camps for adults at the same time they have classes for kids. How much of a blast would it be to do Mythbuster type stuff with a bunch of ordinarily stuffy adult professional types? I can see the downside for OMSI, sure, but I’d be all over that.

By necessity I am doing legal contract work (which means different things in different places, but here it means I research and ghostwrite motions and responses and memoranda for solos and small firms). I’ve been doing it since I was a 2L, off and on, and it reminds me I really like civil litigation but civil litigation and fiction writing do not mesh–same pool of creativity, I guess. Also, I like doing it behind the scenes; I don’t care who gets the credit, as long as the check clears. However, the work I do is of a subject matter that I don’t want to let pH even know exists, so I tend to do it early in the morning and late at night. It makes the day outings with pH that much more enjoyable, though.

I recently had new Moo mini cards made for this blog. Mostly I use minis as bookmarks and occasionally hand them out, but mostly they’re my bookmarks. I was looking at four or five sets that I’ve done. Even when I haven’t been practicing law, I still identify as an attorney.

But the funny thing is since I’m doing contract work, I’m making more money writing as an attorney than I would ever make as a, well, writer. I guess it makes sense to continue to identify as both.

The most exciting thing that happened today, aside from the World Cup and this blog post, was rearranging the living room. I’m okay with that. I’d really been wanting to rearrange the living room.