There is an RPG, and in that RPG, there is a disadvantage called “Weirdness Magnet.” (Or at least there used to be.) It meant weird things happen to the PC. I always thought of those as free points, because weird things happen to PCs in games. That’s the point.

The thing is I have a weirdness magnet. My family does. The oddest coincidences. The strangest, most random meetings. Bizarre interactions with D-list celebrities. Weird things just happen. And poor pH gets it on both sides: kH was struck twice by lightning…in the same place.

I enjoy the absurd. Because when everything else is going to shit, laughter is the only way you keep from losing your mind. Did I say you? Sorry, I meant me.

In the last twenty-four hours, I have gone to a piano recital, watched a group of extras from Deliverance (well, they could have been) storm the piano recital in progress and make some pretty convincing barnyard noises throughout, had sushi with a good friend (not weird but just so good it had to be listed), rescued a baby goat trapped in a fence on a farm like fucking Lassie, interacted with a half-dozen imaginary Pokemon (what did I do to deserve my child’s Pokemon phase?), and had a work assignment sent to me by an employer I haven’t worked for in four years…without having any new employment agreement in place.


And good. Today pH finished a first grade reading comprehension workbook (the third of three first grade reading/writing workbooks I started her in the fall, after her awful teacher/ terrible human being* told us she “didn’t know her letters”). She’d already finished the other two.

It doesn’t top meeting across-the-street neighbors from two states away on a footbridge, or running into someone from a book club (from more than two states away) at the Alamo, or getting randomly hugged by a US Senator. And nothing I do will ever beat the lightning story.

Still, it was weird.

And good.

*Sorry-not-sorry: if all this teacher could do when we spoke was bitch about pH and–while under her supervision–allow older boys to harass her (and worse) and tell pH she didn’t know anything? She deserves it. I hope she’s covered in carbuncles and miserable for the rest of her life.